Shedding on Minoxidil, Propecia/Finasteride or Laser Therapy
Eyelash Transplant Risks

"Follicular Neogenesis" in mice

G. Costarelis and team at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia have published some encouraging research that suggests that skin may have the ability to produce new hair follicles [Ito M., et. al. Nature, 447. 316-320 (2007)].    This kind of 'follicular neogenesis,' was observed naturally in mice after the skin was wounded.  They also found that the effect was enhanced when genetically engineered mice that over-produced a particular protein (related to the 'Wnt pathway') were used.   This suggests that someday, a "Wounding + Wnt Pathway Activation" process may be able to be used to treat men and women who have extensive hair loss.

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